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Sick Pay

Is my employee entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)?

For your employee to qualify for SSP they will need to meet the following requirements: –

  • They must have been sick or injured for at least four days or more.
  • They must earn £109.00 or more a week which is the current Lower Earnings Limit threshold (LEL). The LEL is the amount of money an employee must earn a week to qualify for statutory payments.
  • The employee must provide a sick note for any time over seven days which is given by the doctor. If the employee is off for seven days or less they can self-certificate. They must also let the employer know that they will be off sick.

What if my employee doesn’t qualify for SSP?

If your employee does not qualify for SSP then they may be able to qualify for sick pay from the job centre instead. This is done by the employer/payroll agent filling out an SSP1 form then returning it to the employee. They will then need to take the SSP1 form to the job centre.

How many weeks sick leave is my employee entitled to?

Your employee is entitled to 28 weeks paid sick leave.

How much will my employee receive a week for SSP?

They will receive £86.70 (the current SSP rate) a week. For the first week they will not be paid for the first three days as these are the waiting days.

Reclaiming statutory sick pay

Employers can’t reclaim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for sick leave after 5 April 2014.

It may be able possible to reclaim SSP for a previous tax year if a high proportion of your employees were off sick at the same time. Employers can reclaim the difference if SSP was more than 13% of your Class 1 National Insurance in a tax month.

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