Personal Support Services

Are you or a relative using your Direct Payments /Personalised Budget/Independent Living Fund or Access to Work to pay for carers and support staff? Don’t want the stress and confusion of sorting out the payroll? If yes, then look no further than DD Payroll, who since 2004 has been taking the stress out of payroll for disabled people using direct payments.


What we can do for you

An all-inclusive price of £192.00 per year will provide 13 payroll runs for up to 4 employees which also includes:


  • Registration with HMRC
  • Payroll set up
  • Calculation of Tax, National Insurance and other statutory deductions
  • Payslips for each employee
  • Notification of liability to HMRC (Tax and National Insurance)
  • New starter / leaver documentation
  • Completion of all government forms on behalf of employees
  • Requesting statutory payments to employee’s (maternity, sick pay etc)
  • Real Time Payroll annual charge
  • Full support service for all your payroll enquiries.


We’ll also take the stress out of managing your account for just £105 a year, including:


• Paying your PA or agency’s invoice

• Dealing with your Inland Revenue tax bills

• Providing reports for your local authority


Customer Feedback

 “Always very helpful and explained the process very clearly when I first started using Direct Payments”


“The fact that the money they make goes to support other people in a similar situation to me makes a big difference”