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Independent Living Payroll

Are you or a relative using your Direct Payments /Personalised Budget/Independent Living Fund for carers and support staff? Don’t want the stress and confusion of sorting out the payroll? If yes, then look no further than DD Payroll, who since 2004 has been taking care of payroll needs for disabled people using direct payments

What DD Payroll Will Do For You

  • Register you as an employer with HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs)
  • When you employ someone it is the employer’s responsibility for operating a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme. This means that you (the employer) must register as an employer with HMRC. DD Payroll will do this for you.
  •  Send you either a monthly or quarterly summary of Tax and NI due to be paid to HMRC
 It is your responsibility to make the correct deductions from your gross pay and pay these to HMRC. The gross wage is made up of your net pay + your income tax + employee’s National Insurance Contributions (NICs). Additionally there may also be employer’s NIC to pay. It is strongly recommended that you agree a gross wage with your new employer, not a net wage. DD Payroll will give you all the information that you need to make the correct payment to HMRC.
  •  Provide either weekly or monthly payslips for your employee showing all Tax and National Insurance deductions made on their behalf 
  • You must provide your employee with a payslip every time they are paid. The payslip must show the gross wage, the tax and NI deductions made, as well as the net or take-home wage. DD Payroll will provide these.
  •  Keep complete payroll records on your behalf 
  •  Process a P45 every time an employee joins or leaves you 
  •  Electronically file with HMRC a Full Payment Submission (FPS) each time you pay your employee, as well as an Employer’s Payment Submission (EPS) whenever necessary. 
  • Non-compliance with HMRC regulations is an offence and may result in substantial fines. DD Payroll will make these submissions.

  •  Provide you with an annual summary (P60) for your employee 
  •  Keep you up-to-date with tax rates and legislation changes that may affect your employment responsibilities 
  •  Advise you on any pay-related issues that may arise such as redundancy, maternity, sickness 

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