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Business Services

Looking to outsource your payroll services, reducing the stress, time and overheads needed to sort out your payroll in-house? Want to demonstrate you’re a thoughtful business/employer? Look no further than DD Payroll, specialist suppliers of payroll services to small businesses and independent employers, who have been taking the stress out of payroll for businesses across the country since 2004.

Starting from as little as £249 a year, our wide range of payroll services, commitment to understanding our customer needs and pride in delivering a consistently cost effective and professional service, means you will feel like you have your very own payroll service always on hand.

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What we offer

You can choose how frequently you pay your staff, but our most popular package for just £249 includes:

  •  Registration with HMRC 

  •  Payroll set up

  •  Calculation of Tax, National Insurance and other statutory deductions 

  •  12 x Calendar Monthly Payroll runs 

  •  Payslips for up to four employees 

  •  Real Time Payroll annual charge 

  •  Notification of liability to HMRC (Tax and National Insurance) 

  •  New starter / leaver documentation

  •  Completion of all government forms on behalf of employees 

  •  Requesting statutory payments to employee’s (maternity, sick pay etc.)

  •  Full support service for all your payroll enquiries 

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