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Welcome to DD Payroll Services.

A dynamic Payroll service company devoted to making life easier for employers across the United Kingdom. We specialise in employing personal support and understand the needs of our clients more than any other UK payroll provider; this is because DD Payroll Services is a member of The Disability Syndicate – each member of the Syndicate offers something unique around the issue of Disability.

Whether it be by providing a service to disabled people or supporting professional organisations on the topic of disability.

What makes DD Payroll different from other payroll services is that we are a social enterprise, with all our profits feeding into the Disability Syndicate.

DD Payroll has been specifically created for recipients of direct payments and individual budgets; for those employing carers or personal assistants to support independent living.

Employing someone in your home does come with a set of responsibilities, Which DD Payroll has over 10 years of experience with and it’s our job to relieve you of the worries that come with being an employer, so you can concentrate on achieving the quality of life you are hoping for. With DD Payroll you’ll have a dedicated team of experts in Payroll and Managed Accounts working on your behalf who you will become familiar with and are always happy to help.

We hope you find our website useful. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you, don’t hesitate to call us on 01332 293612, or read on for a summary of our service, cost involved and how to subscribe.
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DD Payroll is the cost effective solution for all your payroll needs, whether you are a small business looking to outsource your payroll or a service user or relative employing your own personal support. Our wide range of payroll services, commitment to understanding your needs and pride in delivering you a professional service, means you will feel like you have your very own payroll service always on hand but without any of the hassle.
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Our Services

  1. Business Payroll
  2. Independent Living Payroll
  3. Managed Accounts Services
Looking to outsource your payroll services, reducing the stress, time and overheads needed to sort out your payroll in-house? Want to demonstrate you’re a thoughtful business/employer? Look no further than DD Payroll.
Are you or a relative using your Direct Payments /Personalised Budget/Independent Living Fund for carers and support staff? Don’t want the stress and confusion of sorting out the payroll? If yes, then look no further than DD Payroll, who since 2004 has been taking care of payroll needs for disabled people using direct payments.
If you do not want the hassle or worry of having to make sure your Pa’s, HMRC, & Agencies receive payment on time then let our Accounts team help take away all of these worries.

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